Best Examples of Wedding Vows and Why You Have Them

Marriage vows or wedding vows are binding promises of each partner in a newlywed couple that are pronounced during the wedding ceremony. Some people think that vows are important. Vows are such a commitment that the couple will keep and struggle for. Each partner has their own expectation and it should be said in the form of wedding vows. There are some examples of wedding vows that you can find to express what you will do for your spouse. You must want to make your partner happy, right?

Vow can be also defined as an oath. Indeed, it is difficult to distinguish a vow from an oath because both of them have some binding promises that can’t be separated from one who says them. A vow is an oath but an oath is not always a vow. A vow is a special promise or commitment that you give to your spouse, but it is actually a commitment that binds you to God. The Bible also gives some examples of vow telling what you need to do after your marriage.

There are a lot of examples of wedding vows. Two of the most popular vows are the wedding vows to have and to hold and wedding vows in sickness and in health. One may easily say that they are committed. They want to show that they have and they keep their partner well. They love the partner in their sickness and health. These relationship commitments seem to be nothing unless they are correlated to moral, legal, and spiritual aspects. Then, they will understand that they will automatically sacrifice what they have in the name of love and in the name of God.

Wedding commitment is, indeed, not a simple saying between you and your spouse. You may forget what you ever say. But it will be different when the words that you say are sacred. There are some responsibilities that you need to fulfill. The words should also come from your deepest heart. They are not simple cited from some traditional wedding vows or the vows said in the Bible. Thus, it is better for you to write your own words. This will be more impressive.

The words should also be too simple. They should be beautiful to hear. Thus, you may also needs some examples of personal wedding vows for the inspiration. Then, make sure that you do understand that you have enough ability to complete the vows. Indeed, your capacity is important because when you take some examples of wedding vows, you need to believe that you have good capability for them.


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